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The Virginia Dental Association (VDA) is a state level organization of the American Dental Association (ADA).  A professional membership organization representing over 3,600 dentists in the Commonwealth, the VDA is a leading voice on oral health in Virginia. The VDA strives to improve the quality of dental education and treatment within the state of Virginia.

The VDA created the Virginia Dental Services Corporation (VDSC) as a for-profit subsidiary.  Under the VDA Services Endorsed Vendors program, companies are reviewed by the VDSC Board of Directors and recommended to the members of the VDA.  The VDA Services endorsed vendors provide a variety of products and services and many offer exclusive benefits and discounts available only to VDA members.  In addition, the VDA Services vendors provide an important source of non-dues revenue that is used to keep member dues as low as possible.

Over the years, the VDSC has been proud to support the VDA, VDA Foundation, VCU School of Dentistry and the Virginia Meeting with sponsorships and other support.  VDA member’s use of the VDA Services endorsed vendors has allowed the VDSC to provide annual dues savings and support for important VDA initiatives.  

To learn more about the VDA and VDA Services please visit vadental.org

VDA Services is a service mark of the Virginia Dental Association.  VDA Services is a program brought to you by the Virginia Dental Services Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary of the Virginia Dental Association.

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