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        iCoreCloud Product Logo

        Secure Cloud Services for Business

        Flexibility & Security

        The "cloud" refers to off-site data centers that safely store your company's data. iCoreConnect's first-class data centers are protected by massive, redundant power sources, and armed security.

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        A puffy white cloud to the off-site, secure data centers.


        You can specify devices in your business to automatically upload data to iCoreCloud, creating virtual "mirrors."


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        A mirror on a wall to represent that data can be mirrored from devices automatically.


        If your local data is lost due to fire, water, theft or even drive failure,  your mirrored data is available to you and can even be placed on a new computer or server.


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        Photo of a hard drive to show that iCoreCloud data can restore lost information.

        Encryption Standards

        iCoreCloud can encrypt your data before transmitting to the cloud. It remains encrypted while stored in our secure data center.

        You can decrypt your data if it's needed for a system restore.

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        Display of data to illustrate the Protected Health Information iCoreCloud protects and secures.


        With iCoreCloud you never have to worry about maintaining local backup drives or running out of drive space.  You can opt to increase your storage allocation in the cloud at any time.


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        Branded green and black Lego blocks to show the ease of expanding storage allocation at any time.

        Reduce Impact of
        Fires, Floods & Theft

        By backing up your precious data in our HIPAA cloud, you have a highly actionable disaster recovery plan.  Get new devices if necessary and restore your mirrored data.


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        A satellite photo of a hurricane to illustrate the data security of our cloud from man-made and natural disasters.

        You are responsible for specifying which data locations or equipment to back up to the cloud and how often.


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        Most Popular Add-On Modules

        IT Managed Services

        We can add full IT management to your cloud backup services.  This includes a "Before It Breaks" strategy to look after your hardware and security.

        Talk with your iCoreConnect sales representative for details.

        Encrypted Email

        Add an encrypted email account that cannot be accessed by unsolicited senders. The messages in your encrypted inbox are from senders you invited and free from spam.

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        The Full Support of iCoreConnect


        Need assistance with your automated cloud backups? Reach out to iCoreConnect's U.S.-based support team online or by phone. We're here to keep your business moving. Support and training is included with your subscription so no surprise support bills.

        Photo of a stone hand supporting a tree to illustrate the strength of iCoreConnect's support team.