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      iCoreRx ePrescribing Software for Dental and Medical Practices


      Prescribe Medications Faster Using a Compliant, Flexible Solution

      iCoreRx brings together everything you need to prescribe quickly, accurately, and securely. Stop using multiple medication references and relying on phones, fax, and pharmacies to get a prescription completed. iCoreRx is your one source ePrescribing solution to improve efficiency, resource utilization, and patient safety. 

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      ePrescription Software Provides All Around Practice Support

      Improve efficiency, resource utilization, and patient safety with ePrescription software.


      Send Prescriptions From Anywhere

      Unlike legacy ePrescribing software, iCoreRx is cloud based. This means you do NOT need to be in the office to prescribe. You can prescribe from wherever you are - even if your practice management software is still on a server in your office. Additionally, you get the full reliability, security and backup of our HIPAA-compliant cloud data center, so your ability to prescribe will not be affected by a server outage in your office.

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      Make Informed Patient Focused Prescription Decisions

      Choosing the right prescription for an individual patient’s care has never been easier. iCoreRx ePrescription software puts the Lexicomp® drug directory* at your fingertips which means you can access the best evidence-based drug treatment support with complete prescription and interaction information with ease. Prescription safety and accuracy is vital to patient outcomes and simplifying that process for you is our goal.

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      Save Time with Patient Prescription History

      Even if you’ve never seen a particular patient, iCoreRx can show you their prescription history for all medications distributed at U.S. pharmacies over the last year. Not only does this list allow you to promote prescription and patient safety, but it also saves a lot of time! Instead of depending on a patient to remember their medications (or bring in a bag full of bottles), your assistant can instead ask them if they are still on the listed medications.

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      Get Help Identifying Negative Interactions & Allergies

      Before finalizing a script, iCoreRx can help you avoid negative interactions by flagging detected interactions and allergies for your patient.* You may still prescribe regardless, but it’s always great to have a second set of eyes.

      *Quality of data provided can vary by connected practice management software

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      You Don’t Have to Settle for Mobile-Only ePrescribing!

      What some ePrescribing software does ‘not’ tell you up front is that they actually restrict you to mobile-only ePrescribing without the ability to use the desktop or laptop computer at your office. After you realize this, you may contact such a vendor only to learn that the ability to use desktop or laptops will require an exponential jump in price.

      With iCoreRx, you can ePrescribe how you see fit at no extra cost:

      • Mobile device
      • Tablet
      • Laptop
      • Desktop

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      Have You Ever Seen So Many Practice Efficiency Features in a Single Software Package?

      Improving efficiency in your practice while providing superior patient care is a must. 

      iCoreRx ePrescribing software uniquely enables your practice to accomplish this in many ways:

      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      icon--save-time__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs
      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs



      • Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      • Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      • Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      • Prescribe from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone
      • Reduce pharmacy callbacks



      • Stay informed and comply with PMP/PDMP laws with quick access to see a patient's full controlled substance prescription history
      • Understand the patient’s prescription history by viewing a national pharmacy database instead of depending on their memory
      • Research interactions and dosing in a snap with built-in Lexicomp® drug directory
      • Get automated assistance spotting interactions and allergies



      • Permitted assistants can fully stage prescriptions for doctor’s approval
      • Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      • Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      • Patients save time by skipping the paper drop-off at the pharmacy

      Simply put, iCoreRx electronic prescription solution is your best resource to better protect patients and improve the patient experience with your practice.

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      Get Set Up Fast with the Help of our U.S. Based Experts

      Unlike some other ePrescribing options that require you to DIY your way to getting set up with government entities, iCoreConnect provides you access to a highly trained team of implementation experts. Together, our U.S.-based team works with you every step of the way.

      It doesn’t matter if you only prescribe antifungals or antibiotics or you also prescribe controlled substances. We understand and have fulfilled state and federal requirements hundreds and thousands of times, so you’re not left to figure out what could otherwise be a daunting process.

      Your subscription includes access to our expert team members and usage guides. No extra charges for our help or training. And when you need to - you’ll have the opportunity to speak to one of our team members in real time.

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      State Dental and Medical Associations are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

      Our cloud-based software platform has been intensively vetted and awarded more than 100 association product agreements.


      iCoreConnect Add-Ons to Increase Revenue and Further Expand Functionality



      Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

      Prescribing controlled substances? Add EPCS functionality to iCoreRx to extend your electronic prescribing capabilities to include controlled substances as defined by the DEA schedule.


      Prescription Drug Monitoring (PMP/PDMP)

      iCoreRx connects, in real time, to most state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring (PMP/PDMP) database. Syncing your ePrescription software with your state’s monitoring program saves you valuable time by eliminating many clicks, keeps you compliant and your patients safe. Regulations and capabilities vary by state, so let your iCoreConnect sales rep walk you through your state-specific PMP or PDMP capabilities.


      HIPAA Secure Email

      Quality care requires communication, but patient data needs to stay secure. Simply send your emails with full HIPAA compliance, extremely high encryption standards, and no file size limitations on necessary attachments.


      Referral Hub

      Providing quality care often requires collaboration. Find and be found by other providers, expand your network, and save time doing so with a built-in referral hub. (Included with HIPAA Secure Email)

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      Customers Love Our Electronic Prescription Software

      One of the best things about iCoreRx is the security and flexibility, even outside the office. I can log in from anywhere with my email, review the patient’s chart and history and verify with their pharmacy. Then I get the prescription sent in with no problem.
      Lisa Christy, DDS
      I was truly worried ePrescribing would be too complex and require a lot of time to become proficient. Now 99% of my prescriptions are electronic. The convenience of iCoreRx is unbelievable!
      W. Stan Hardesty, DDS
      North Carolina

      See iCoreRx Electronic Prescription Software in Action

      Save time, reduce labor, and stay compliant while providing the best patient care. Connect with the iCoreConnect team right now to get your free iCoreRx demo. 

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