Montana Dental Association

MDA is a professional membership organization, representing more than 650 Montana dentists. MDA is a constituent of the American Dental Association and is affiliated with ten local district dental societies across Montana.

Discounts for MDA Members

HIPAA-compliant email where big attachments are no big deal.

iCoreExchange lets you email anything to anyone, anywhere and be fully HIPAA-compliant.


Practice management with a mind for business.

iCoreDental offers you the customization and integrations you need for your practice, and is scalable to grow with you to manage unlimited locations.


Your mission control to launch revenue.


iCoreHuddle gives you the power to instantly reveal revenue potential for each patient in one intuitive dashboard.

e-Prescribe on any computer or device... faster than ink can dry.


Speed up your workflow, comply with the law and help combat abuse.  Add the EPCS function to add e-Prescribing for controlled substances.

iCoreRx+PMP for WHT.png

MDA members also have discounted access to the Montana Prescription Drug Registry (MPDR) Add-On Module for iCoreRx (+PMP).

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