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      Ensuring HIPAA Compliance Means Proactive Protection with a HIPAA Risk Assessment


      Protecting patient data and your practice is vital, so HIPAA compliance is a top priority.

      Navigating HIPAA requirements and how they impact your practice, however, can be challenging. From policies and procedures to IT security, understanding risk mitigation and remediation efforts takes time and expertise.

      With iCoreHIPAA, you can start with the guidance of our cloud-based software and scale up to complementing services whenever necessary.


      HIPAA Risk Assessment

      HIPAA’s security rule requires that entities handling Protected Health Information (PHI) and sensitive data ensure the security of patient data. HIPAA risk assessments help those organizations identify vulnerabilities and get expert advice for your next steps. Our cloud-based risk assessment tool includes:

      • Detailed explanations, definitions, and examples to help you understand your security risks
      • An audit-ready final report with recommended, risk-stratified remediation actions
      • Dashboard tools that allow you to assign tasks to team members

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      Customized HIPAA Compliance Policies and Procedures

      Regardless of the size of your organization, HIPAA compliance is about securing patient data. Even with the same standards, a small practice may not have the same needs, demands, or risks, as a large hospital. Tailoring your HIPAA policies and procedures and ensuring the right fit is essential to not only securing patient data but ensuring practice success and adherence.

      iCoreHIPAA’s cloud-based risk assessment platform includes:

      • Guided templates to build policies appropriate to the size of your organization
      • Streamlined sharing features so your team is kept in the loop
      • Prompts and alerts to ensure policies are current and updated when needed

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      Ensure HIPAA Compliance Across Your Business Network

      In security circles, it’s understood that your security is only as strong as the security of your data sharing partners. As part of the HIPAA Privacy rule, practices are required to have a written agreement in place with every business associate involved with the use or disclosure of patient information. 

      In other words, you can maintain and monitor your organization’s HIPAA compliance, but if the organizations you work with don’t, your data is still at risk. iCoreHIPAA allows you to establish and track organizational agreements to ensure compliance and security. Additionally, our HIPAA compliance platform enables you to:

      • Customize and maintain all your agreements in one place
      • Send notifications for e-signatures
      • Proactively manage vendors and monitor security standards

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      Strengthen Security Strategies with HIPAA Compliance Training

      Even the best security measures are vulnerable if the team responsible for implementing them isn’t trained. While technology is a valuable and important tool for risk management, your first line of defense is your team. iCoreConnect’s HIPAA risk assessment program includes comprehensive staff training on HIPAA compliance and supports annual HIPAA security awareness by providing:

      • A framework for establishing HIPAA training courses
      • HIPAA training coursework
      • Employee course completion tracking

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      Stop Malicious Attackers in Their Tracks

      Security shouldn't be taken lightly. There are several risks to consider when it comes to protecting private patient information. Fortunately, practices can take action to reduce their HIPAA security risk.

      Learn How to Reduce Your Security Risk →


      Take your HIPAA Risk Assessment to the Next Level with Additional HIPAA Compliance Services


      Optional Network Security Support via Network Vulnerability Scans

      Next to your team, your network is your biggest vulnerability when it comes to ensuring patient data privacy and HIPAA compliance. Our team will run a complete scan of your network, identifying internal and external vulnerabilities. Our final report will include:

      • Identification and categorization of existing vulnerabilities
      • Mitigation and remediation strategies and tasks
      • Suggestions for prioritization and best practices moving forward


      Optional On-Site HIPAA Risk Assessment

      Conducting a comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment can be complicated and requires expertise–  that’s what we do. iCoreHIPAA users can request our experts to come to your practice and work with your team - to not only ensure you’re HIPAA compliant but to provide guidance on how to improve patient data security. We provide:

      • A full HIPAA Risk Assessment
      • Detailed information regarding required security and privacy safeguards 
      • Expert guidance on top risks, vulnerabilities, and steps to secure your practice

      HIPAA compliance is paramount to the security of your patients’ data and the continued success of your practice.

      It shouldn’t be left to chance or assigned as a secondary task. Let iCoreConnect’s team of experts assist with a comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment and ensure the safety, security, and privacy of your practice and your patients’ data.

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