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      Kansas Dental Association Endorses iCoreConnect’s ePrescribing Solution


      As of July 1, 2021, Kansas dentists are legally required to electronically prescribe controlled substances containing opiates.

      “We want our members to have a compliant solution that is also a benefit to their practice. iCoreRx is a one-stop software that speeds and simplifies the way you work, while improving patient outcomes. The cloud-based flexibility of iCoreRx allows doctors to prescribe any medication, including controlled substances, from any location. This provides better patient care and newly-discovered convenience for the doctor.” 


      Daniel Nielson, DDS
      President, Kansas Dental Association



      KDA Endorses iCoreConnect Products


      iCoreRx Cloud ePrescription Software

      Mandatory ePrescribing for Controlled Substances Containing Opioids in Kansas

      As of July 1, 2021, dentists are required to adhere to Kansas law requiring all prescriptions for Schedule II-V controlled substances containing opiates be transmitted electronically. In addition to meeting this legal requirement, iCoreConnect’s cloud ePrescribing software, iCoreRx, allows you to:

      • ePrescribe controlled substances and other medications from any device, anywhere, with cloud-based software
      • Connect directly to the Kansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (K-TRACS) for immediate prescription history checks
      • See interactions and contraindications to improve prescription safety
      • Autofill important patient information, favorite pharmacies and prescription combinations to improve speed and increase efficiency


      iCoreRx and the Kansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (K-TRACS) 

      iCoreRx offers an option to integrate with K-TRACS to directly access the patient’s prescription drug monitoring (PDMP) history in just seconds. Streamline the process while ensuring you have the most accurate prescription history data at your fingertips. 

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      Kansas Dental Association Membership Benefits

      iCoreConnect is a KDA Endorsed Company. The KDA has endorsed iCoreRx as an essential solution for your dental practice. Improve your efficiency, accuracy, safety, and compliance with iCoreRx.

      iCoreConnect has been intensively vetted and awarded more than 100 association product agreements across our platform. As part of those partnerships and agreements, iCoreConnect is offering exclusive discounts for members verified by the KDA. 

      If you are not currently a member, your iCoreConnect sales rep would be happy to introduce you to the folks at KDA. Leverage the benefits of iCoreRx today.




      Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) and iCoreRx

      ​In 2020, Texas law required that pharmacists and prescribers check a patient’s PMP history through Texas PMP AWARxE before dispensing or prescribing controlled substances including: opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol. 

      iCoreRx offers an option to integrate with Texas PMP AWARxE. Streamline the process and improve prescription speed and efficiency while ensuring adherence to Texas law and boosting patient safety. The integration allows prescribers to directly access the patient's PMP report without logging into the Texas PMP site.




      Moving your practice management from a “legacy” hardware system to cloud-based iCoreDental can speed a multitude of operations and help you discover revenue strategies that simply weren’t possible before.

      • Built on the cloud from scratch, with no need to purchase and maintain a server
      • Access patient data anywhere you have internet
      • Expand to multiple locations with ease, allowing staffing flexibility and financial oversight
      • Run insightful reports on virtually every aspect of your business

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