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      Medical Coding Can Be Easy with a Code Genius on Your Side

      ICD-10 medical coding is mandated, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. In fact, getting it right can get complicated if you’re not using a tool as intuitive and powerful as iCoreCodeGenius.

      Accurate ICD-10 codes require detailed knowledge of medical diagnoses. Understanding and identifying comorbidities, condition categories, and other associated factors requires references of an encyclopedia-like knowledge base. In short, it’s just not possible to get it right 100% of the time and recall all the potential variables and factors that may impact a patient’s diagnosis without some help.

      iCoreCodeGenius provides extremely simple and quick prompts to help ensure you’ve considered all the factors for medical coding. The result is the most straightforward way to arrive at a very detailed result and help ensure the accuracy demanded by insurance companies and regulators.

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      Accurate Medical Coding is Essential

      For most medical organizations, insurance payments constitute more than half of revenue. That means ensuring your ICD-10 codes are accurate is vital not just for your patient’s health but also the financial health of your organization.

      There are currently more than 68,000 separate, and very specific codes. They can feel daunting and be time consuming. Getting the codes wrong can be costly and cause delays in both care and payment. That’s where iCoreCodeGenius comes in.

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      Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Medical Coding at Your Fingertips

      Not only is iCoreCodeGenius continually up-to-date on coding changes, saving you time and effort, but it’s fast. Really fast. As soon as you start typing, predictive text provides rapid selection of the code you’re looking for. No more investing in burdensome reference books. No more difficult-to-use, slow software.

      You’ll also be prompted to address potentially related factors that help further ensure your accuracy. Reduce billing time and errors with an incredibly quick reference in your hands usable by a very wide range of staff - not just insurance specialists.

      iCoreCodeGenius is ‘so’ fast that users can often arrive at relevant codes in 60 seconds or less.

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      Your New Secret Weapon in the Medical Staffing Shortage

      Before iCoreCodeGenius, thorough medical coding was either left in the hands of a few, highly-experienced staff or demanded a disproportionate amount of time and research by other staff. But now, iCoreCodeGenius empowers many more staff members to quickly arrive at appropriate codes and documentation with ease.

      Under the old system, there was an absolute bottleneck that applied undue pressure and workload on a few staff members. In many cases, taking sick time or vacation might create a backlog of coding tasks, and revenue would not flow as well. But by deploying iCoreCodeGenius across an organization, your most experienced coding staff gain the flexibility to design and oversee the organization’s coding processes.

      This kind of flexibility is not only revolutionary for existing staff but can dramatically reduce the burden associated with finding labor to code and document.

      In a live demo, you can see just how straightforward it is to follow iCoreCodeGenius’ easy prompts.

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      Help Ensure Accuracy & Payment.


      Two of the biggest challenges to medical coding are missing opportunities for coverage and getting the codes wrong. When either happens, payment will likely be missed outright or delayed at best. When it comes to coding, errors have the potential to really impact your bottom line as well as tie up valuable resources.

      Instead, iCoreCodeGenius helps you create thorough documentation that’s accurate, complete and fast - helping reduce denials or time-consuming queries.

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      From Small Practices to the World’s Largest Health Orgs

      iCoreCodeGenius is another revolutionary product from iCoreConnect. One of the most special attributes about iCoreCodeGenius is its ability to dramatically change any size of healthcare environment. On the smaller end, practices comment on how they can keep business moving, even when their coding specialist needs to take a sick day or vacation. Very large organizations can easily distribute key coding tasks much more effectively across a diverse spectrum of staff members.

      iCoreCodeGenius is changing a system that has gone far too long without dramatic improvement.

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      Medical coding doesn’t need to be complicated. iCoreCodeGenius takes the complexity out and helps ensure your patients get the care they need and you get insurance payments on time and in full.

      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      icon--save-time__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs
      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs

      Our U.S.-Based Experts Get You Up & Running Fast

      iCoreCodeGenius was designed to be very easy and obvious to use, but we’re always here to help should you need it. You will have access to live support and training as part of your subscription. Never pay for support calls.

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      State Dental and Medical Associations are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

      Our cloud-based software platform has been intensively vetted and awarded more than 100 association product agreements.


      iCoreConnect Add-Ons to Increase Revenue and Further Expand Functionality


      Electronic Prescription Software

      ePrescribing all meds faster from any device is core to better business and better patient care. ePrescribe utilizing a comprehensive set of features that provide access to national patient prescription history, automated alerts, and many other time-savers to improve the efficiency of your office. Immediate access to relevant medication and patient information significantly increases care and protection for your patients.


      Encrypted HIPAA Cloud Backup

      Practice analytics, patient records and your business data rely upon reliability and security. Back up data in our HIPAA cloud and you don’t have to worry about maintaining and securing local backup drives or running out of space. You’ll have a highly actionable disaster recovery plan as well as a fully scalable storage solution. We can grow when you do.


      Encrypted HIPAA Email

      Quality care requires communication, but patient data needs to stay secure. Simply send your emails with full HIPAA compliance, extremely high encryption standards, and no file size limitations on necessary attachments.

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      See iCoreCodeGenius Medical Coding in Action

      Connect with the iCoreConnect team right now to get your free iCoreCodeGenius demo.

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