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        Rapid ICD-10 Coding Software

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        Fast & Full
        ICD-10 Lookup

        Our medical coding software is fast. The moment you begin typing a condition, rapid-select lines begin appearing for ICD-10 coding. 

        And we keep the ICD-10 codes up to date, so you don't have to purchase new desk reference books.

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        A ticking stopwatch to illustrate the speed of ICD-10 lookup for medical.

        Clear Guidance
        at Every Step

        With your personal iCoreCodeGenius, you will be quickly prompted through every factor relevant to the condition you are documenting.

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        A clear pathway in overgrown woods to illustrate the ease of use and guidance of iCoreCodeGenius.

        Automatic Prompting of Comorbidities & HCCs

        iCoreCodeGenius knows which comorbidities are frequently associated with each condition and automatically presents them for your consideration.

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        An Edison bulb to represent the brilliant prompting of comorbidities.

        Request Appropriate Reimbursement

        iCoreCodeGenius helps you be accurate and complete in your medical coding and documentation. This allows you to submit to payers confidently knowing you're not omitting important billable elements.

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        Hands typing to represent a practitioner easily inputting billable information.

        Reduce or Eliminate Queries & Denials

        With highly accurate and complete medical coding and documentation, it will be far less likely the payer will need to make additional requests.

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        Tall stacks of paper to portray the queries and denials that would be reduced with our product.

        Use Anywhere
        There's Internet

        You are not required to be at a specific physical location, because our medical coding software operates securely from the cloud.

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        A remote field and blue sky to illustrate that iCoreCodeGenius can be used anywhere there's internet.

        60 second estimate based on answering a series of familiar prompts regarding a familiar condition.  Speed experienced by each user  could vary by user, condition, familiarity and other factors. To better gauge potential speed, we encourage potential customers to ask product demonstrators to perform an example documentation that is relevant to the provider's frequent use cases.


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        State Dental & Medical Associations Are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

        Our medical coding software has been intensively vetted and awarded nearly 80 association product agreements across our platform.

        See our growing relationships.

        U.S. map illustrating dental and medical state associations that endorse or partner with iCoreConnect.
        Arizona Dental Association Perks Endorsed Logo California Dental Association Logo California Association of Orthodontists Logo Colorado Dental Association Endorsed Products Logo Florida Dental Association Services Inc. Crown Savings Logo Georgia Dental Association Logo Kansas Dental Association Logo Louisiana Dental Association Logo Maine Medical Association Logo Maryland State Dental Association Member Perks Logo Michigan Dental Association Endorsed Logo Mississippi Dental Association Logo Missouri Dental Association Perks Logo Montana Dental Association Logo New York State Dental Association Endorsed Service Logo North Carolina Dental Society Logo Oklahoma Dental Association Logo Oregon Dental Association Endorsed Program Logo South Carolina Dental Association Logo Texas Dental Association Perks Program Logo Virginia Dental Association Member Perks Logo Washington State Dental Association Logo Wyoming Medical Society Logo

        Most Popular Add-On Modules

        Encrypted HIPAA Cloud Backup

        Back up data in our HIPAA cloud and you won't have to worry about maintaining local backup drives or running out of space. Plus, you have a highly actionable disaster recovery plan.

        You can opt to increase your storage allocation in the cloud at any time.

        IT Managed Services

        We can add full IT management to your cloud backup services. This includes a "Before It Breaks" strategy to look after your hardware and security.

        Talk with your iCoreConnect sales representative for details

        HIPAA Email & Referral Hub

        Communicating with other providers or patients is as simple as sending an email, but we provide:

        • Full HIPAA compliance
        • Extremely high encryption
        • Unlimited large attachments

        This provides a built-in referral network, allowing you to find and be found by other providers.

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        Streamline Medical Coding With the Full Support of iCoreConnect

        Need assistance with rapid ICD-10 coding?  Reach out to iCoreConnect's U.S.-based support team online or by phone to maximize the potential of your medical coding automation software. 

        We're here to keep your business moving.  Support and training is included with your subscription, so you won't receive any surprise support bills.

        Photo of a stone hand supporting a tree to illustrate the strength of our support team.