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        Managed IT Services for Healthcare

        Before It Breaks Approach

        The key to solving IT disasters is to prevent them in the first place. We actively monitor your IT for signs of trouble.  Catching a potential issue early allows us to prevent it from becoming a big issue later.


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        A person inspecting infrastructure to represent our approach to addressing IT before issues arise.

        Ongoing Security Patches

        For devices to work together, manufacturers must constantly update software, but an innocent change in one part of a network can create vulnerability in another.
        We regularly update manufacturers' patches to keep your network safer.
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        Knight's armor representing the regular security updates.

        Daily Backups

        Take confidence in knowing your backup is up to date.
        We can design and implement automatic cloud backups of your most important data. In a crisis, you can quickly get up and running again.
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        Abstract glass honeycomb to represent the infrastructure built to automatically backup data.

        Help Desk

        Perplexed by an IT issue?
        Don't struggle. Just call your iCoreConnect help desk for friendly guidance and troubleshooting.
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        Stone hand supporting a tree to illustrate the strength of our support team.


        Whether you need a new system installed or to make a repair, iCoreConnect can deploy on-site technicians anywhere in the United States.
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        Man repairing computer hardware to represent our on-site technicians.


        As a national technology company, we keep a continually updated list of which hardware works best in dental settings.  This means we can help you efficiently update a single machine or an entire practice, all at our preferred pricing from manufacturers.
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        Close up of backlit keyboard to illustrate our access and experience with the most reliable technology.

        Equipment must be listed as a covered device in your plan to benefit from coverage.  Not all features are included in all plans. Please discuss desired feature set with your iCoreConnect sales representative and review final agreement terms. All features, including data backup, are subject to agreement terms, including customer specification of which data is backed up and how often. 

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        Three Plan Foundations

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        Proactive Protection
        Endpoint Antivirus Protection
        Regular Maintenance
        Scheduled Security Updates
        Remote Help Desk
        10% Discount
        On-Site Technician Support
        10% Discount
        20% Discount
        Data Backup
        Technology Refreshes
        Computer Inventory Discount
        5% Discount
        10% Discount
        15% Discount
        Project Labor Discount
        10% Discount
        20% Discount
        30% Discount
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        Areas of Focus


        Internet & Wi-Fi









        Protected Data

        Network Security

        Network Maintenance



        Remote Support

        On-Site Support

        Emergency Support

        Employee Changes

        Life Cycle Management

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        State Dental & Medical Associations Are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

        Our software has been intensively vetted and awarded nearly 80 association product agreements across our platform.

        See our growing relationships.

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