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      Managed IT Services for Dental & Medical Practices

      Get HIPAA Compliant IT Services & Vital Support for Your Practice

      A thriving medical or dental practice takes a lot of work, but that work doesn’t need to include your computer network. In fact, maintaining and monitoring your security, storage, software, hardware, and connectivity is a full-time job itself.

      What if instead of hiring an IT expert, you could get a full IT team without the overhead? iCoreIT managed IT services is that team for your practice - a team that understands the intricacies of medical and dental environments. Not only does iCoreIT save you money and resources, it saves you the effort and stress as well.

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      Managed IT Services for Enhanced Security


      A strong security stance is vital not only for HIPAA compliance but also to ensure your data is safe from those who may seek to capitalize on the vulnerabilities of a healthcare organization. Medical and dental practices are targets simply because IT and security are not their focus, but it is ours.

      iCoreIT Managed IT services, ensures that your hardware and software protections are up to date and that your network is monitored for vulnerabilities and attack indicators.

      If you want security and peace of mind without having to hire your own in-house team of IT experts, then let us help. Our team provides the experience and expertise to ensure your network, and data meet current safety and security standards.

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      Cut Costs Not Service

      One of the biggest IT challenges isn’t knowing which virus protection to use or when to upgrade your hardware (though those are great questions), it’s the cost. From procuring new hardware, making repairs, scaling, to ensuring that your equipment can handle the software you need to provide great care - it can get expensive. Technology doesn’t break on schedule either so costs can add up quickly.

      With managed IT services, you can be sure your equipment is not just up to date, but our team employs a before-it-breaks strategy which means you rarely experience service disruptions or costly downtime while maintenance and repairs are in process.

      In short, you cut your costs and get a superior result.

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      Disasters are Stressful Enough Without Worrying About Data

      Whether it’s a technology failure or a catastrophic natural event, the last thing you want to worry about is how your business will recover its data. With managed IT services, we ensure your off-site data is safe and accessible when you need it.

      Our state-of-the-art data center features redundant power and cooling which means regardless of your emergency, you can reliably access your data when you’re ready.

      And, with 100% uptime reliability, your recovery isn’t hindered by our accessibility.

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      The Medical/Dental IT Team in Your Corner

      From onsite technicians to help desk support, you don’t have to rely on a makeshift IT expert in your office.

      Our role is to fill that role for you without adding to overhead or splitting your team’s time between patient care and IT needs.

      Need a repair? We can deploy our team anywhere in the U.S. Issue in office? We’re just a phone call away. From complex questions regarding IT strategy to troubleshooting tech problems, the iCoreConnect team is there to help.

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      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      icon--save-time__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs
      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs

      State Dental and Medical Associations are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

      Our cloud-based software platform has been intensively vetted and awarded more than 100 association product agreements.


      iCoreConnect Add-Ons to Increase Revenue and Further Expand Functionality


      HIPAA Risk Assessment & Compliance Platform

      Our HIPAA Compliance Platform allows you to easily conduct your own HIPAA Risk Assessment and then follow that up with a customized set of HIPAA compliance policies and procedures.  You can even conduct HIPAA compliance training using our framework for HIPAA courses.  Additional options include on-site risk assessments by our HIPAA experts.


      HIPAA Secure Email

      Quality care requires communication, but patient data needs to stay secure. Simply send your emails with full HIPAA compliance, extremely high encryption standards, and no file size limitations on necessary attachments.


      Encrypted HIPAA Cloud Backup

      Practice analytics rely on quality data and quality data relies upon reliability and security. Back up data in our HIPAA cloud and you don’t have to worry about maintaining and securing local backup drives or running out of space. You’ll have a highly actionable disaster recovery plan as well as a fully scalable storage solution. We can grow when you do.

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      Discuss How to Cut Costs, Provide Security, Reliability & IT Support for Your Practice

      Your mission is providing great care for your patients; our mission is helping your technology help you achieve your goals. Too often, IT needs and problems can pull you and your team away from your priorities. With iCoreIT, we take the stress of technology off your shoulders and make your IT work for you.

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