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        Automated Insurance Verifications

        Insurance verifications don’t have to consume 20 to 30 hours a week.

        In fact, in just the time it took you to read that sentence, iCoreVerify would have already completed the checks for every patient on the schedule this week.

        That's right, you'll have automated reports for both new and existing patients, with zero clicks on your part. If iCoreVerify can reduce your invested manpower by 2/3rds or more, where would you utilize all of those saved hours per week?

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        Verifications Faster
        Than You Just Read This

        Instead of checking benefits one patient at a time, iCoreVerify returns detailed benefit checks for EVERY patient on your schedule. It's just that simple.


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        Multiple marbles to represent group insurance verification.

        Daily, Real-Time Checks

        iCoreVerify retrieves real-time benefit data from more than 2,100 insurance carriers. Each report immediately populates with the information provided by the patient's carrier.


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        Organized spools of string to represent the patient benefit reports.

        Coverage Amounts

        See up-to-date amounts of remaining insurance coverage for each patient, broken out by specialty.


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        Coffee beans to represent the individual patient's insurance coverage.

        The Revenue Tab

        The Revenue Tab continuously generates a list of all unscheduled treatments. You see the patient’s remaining benefits alongside proposed treatment.


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        Piggy bank to represent the deductibles for each patient.

        Error Identification

        If there is a problem retrieving the report, iCoreVerify tells you the exact error and how to fix it. iCoreVerify automatically re-runs the report for you.


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        Dropped ice cream to represent automatic benefits check error identification.

        Higher Case Acceptance

        Automated insurance verification means more accurate estimates, higher case acceptance and a lot less time spent adjusting and/or otherwise chasing down payments.


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        Smiling lady to represent the ease-of-use for automatic insurance verification.

        Information displayed will be dependent on the information provided by insurance carrier. Not all carriers provide the same data fields.


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        State Dental & Medical Associations Are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

        Our software has been intensively vetted and awarded nearly 80 association product agreements across our platform.

        See our growing relationships.

        U.S. map illustrating dental and medical state associations that endorse or partner with iCoreConnect.
        Arizona Dental Association Perks Endorsed Logo California Dental Association Logo California Association of Orthodontists Logo Colorado Dental Association Endorsed Products Logo Florida Dental Association Services Inc. Crown Savings Logo Georgia Dental Association Logo Kansas Dental Association Logo Louisiana Dental Association Logo Maine Medical Association Logo Maryland State Dental Association Member Perks Logo Michigan Dental Association Endorsed Logo Mississippi Dental Association Logo Missouri Dental Association Perks Logo Montana Dental Association Logo New York State Dental Association Endorsed Service Logo North Carolina Dental Society Logo Oklahoma Dental Association Logo Oregon Dental Association Endorsed Program Logo South Carolina Dental Association Logo Texas Dental Association Perks Program Logo Virginia Dental Association Member Perks Logo Washington State Dental Association Logo Wyoming Medical Society Logo

        Most Popular Add-On Modules

        Cloud ePrescribing

        ePrescribe all meds faster from any device.  A comprehensive set of features can provide access to national patient prescription history, automated alerts and many other time-savers.

        Medical Coding for Dental

        Dental professionals often fail to claim rightfully-earned revenue from medical insurance because the process can be too intimidating.  Now, you can be rapidly guided through medical documentation by just answering some simple prompts. 

        HIPAA Email & Referral Hub

        Communicating with other providers or patients is as simple as sending an email, but with

        • Full HIPAA compliance
        • Extremely high encryption
        • Unlimited large attachments

        There's also a built-in referral network, allowing you to find and be found by other providers.

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        The Full Support of iCoreConnect

        Need assistance with automated insurance verifications?  Reach out to iCoreConnect's U.S.-based support team online or by phone.   We're here to keep your business moving.  Support and training is included with your subscription so no surprise support bills.

        Photo of a stone hand supporting a tree to illustrate the strength of iCoreConnect's support team.