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      Encrypted Email for Enhanced Security

      Encrypted Email Keeps Critical Business Data Safe  



      iCoreSecure exceeds most other encryption standards with 2048-bit encryption compared to 256-bit commonly used by other encryption methods. That means you can have complete confidence in the security of your files, regardless of the size. Sharing sensitive information, intellectual property, and personal identifiable information (PII) is sometimes necessary within and across organizations. The need to do that shouldn’t put you or your business at risk. 

      iCoreConnect’s encrypted email software enables your business to securely and safely share information without fear.

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      Stop Phishing Attacks in Their Tracks

      No iCoreSecure email has ever been hacked, phished, or held for ransom. Ever. In an age when cyberthreats are growing and businesses are under pressure to protect and secure data from external threats, iCoreConnect understands how important it is to ensure bad actors never get through the door. For that reason, iCoreSecure cannot be accessed by unsolicited, non-approved senders outside your network. However, YOU may communicate with anyone outside your network.

      You must initiate the first email exchange, so you'll know messages in your iCoreSecure inbox are from people you actually want to talk to.

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      Far Beyond Just Email - iCoreSecure Lets You Build a Fully Secure Internal Network. 

      Internal communication and collaboration are an integral part of completing initiatives and achieving goals. Sharing ideas - and files - shouldn’t be limited by technology. iCoreSecure can be used to send files and attachments, whether you need to share them with your team or a client.

      iCoreSecure helps keep your ideas, your IP, your files, safe and secure, even during transmission. 

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      Don’t Let File Size Stop You, iCoreSecure Can Scale to Help You Share Files of Any Size

      Many encrypted email applications limit the size of files you can send. But, when it comes to communication and collaboration, sharing data and information with partners, clients, and teammates, shouldn’t be time consuming or a hassle; it shouldn’t take multiple emails to share information. With iCoreSecure, we can configure to meet your needs, regardless of size.

      High resolution images? Yes. Large documents and media files? Yes. You don’t limit your imagination or your goals, why limit your ability to communicate and share with your team? 

      With iCoreSecure, you don’t have to limit your email, your communication, or your email security.

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      Our U.S.-Based Experts are Here to Help You Get Up & Running Fast

      iCoreSecure is super easy and intuitive. You'll have access to training. And should you ever need it... you call in for U.S.-based phone support at no additional charge.


      iCoreSecure Add-On Modules to Enhance Security and Accessibility

      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      icon--save-time__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs
      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs

      Encrypted Cloud Backup

      For modern businesses, data is one of your most valuable assets. Just as you protect and ensure your physical assets, the digital ones are just as important. In fact, quality data relies upon reliability and security. Your business is only as strong as your business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Back up data in our encrypted cloud and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of maintaining and securing local backup drives or running out of space. You’ll also have a highly actionable disaster recovery plan, as well as a fully scalable storage solution. We can grow when you do.


      Managed IT Services 

      For many businesses, IT and security are not their focus, but it is ours. iCoreIT Managed IT Services, ensures that your hardware and software protections are up to date and that your network is monitored for vulnerabilities and attack indicators. If you want security and peace of mind without having to hire your own in-house team of IT experts, then let us help. Our team provides the experience and expertise to ensure your network, and data meet current safety and security standards.

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      See iCoreSecure Encrypted Email in Action

      Keeping data, files, and communication confidential and secure is paramount to your business. Being able to share that information safely is vital to success. You don’t need to make a choice; you can have both. Connect with the iCoreConnect team right now to get your free iCoreSecure demo. 

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