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        iCoreSecure Product Logo

        Encrypted Email for Business

        No iCoreSecure email has been hacked, phished or held for ransom. Ever.

        Top 10
        Encryption Provider

        iCoreConnect was named by Enterprise Security magazine as one of the Top 10 encryptions providers in the United States. Others might be satisfied with 256-bit, but iCoreSecure uses a massive 2048-bit encryption.


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        Person typing to illustrate confidence in security and encryption.

        U.S. Domestic
        Data Centers

        Our highly secure data centers protect your data from unauthorized access. We can’t access your data and neither can anyone else outside your business.


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        Interior of surveillance room to illustrate secure data centers.

        Don't Be Emailed
        Without Initiating

        If you email someone first, they can reply back to you from their regular email. But if you don't initiate an email conversation, your iCoreSecure address cannot be reached by regular emails.

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        Stop light to illustrate the end of unsolicited emails.


        iCoreSecure can be optionally customized to exclusively display everyone within your organization, creating a hyper secure environment for internal communication - plus the option to communicate with the outside world.

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        Exterior of skyscraper to represent your company's portal.

        Send Very Large
        Files. Even Video.

        Unlike traditional alternatives, iCoreSecure can be optionally configured for very large or unlimited attachment sizes.

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        Humpback whale to represent the large file capabilities of iCoreSecure.

        Say Goodbye to
        Spam & Phishing

        Because iCoreSecure email addresses can't be accessed by unsolicited senders on regular email, you'll know that messages in your inbox are from people you actually want to talk to.

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        iCoreConnect reserves the right to manage abuses of service per our terms of service.


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        Most Popular Add-On Modules

        Encrypted Cloud Backup

        Automatically back up your selected data or entire systems to the iCoreConnect encrypted cloud.

        IT Managed Services

        Take care of your business. We'll take care of your IT.

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        The Full Support of iCoreConnect

        Need assistance with encrypted email?  Reach out to iCoreConnect's U.S.-based support team online or by phone.  We're here to keep your business moving.  Support and training is included with your subscription so no surprise support bills.

        Photo of a stone hand supporting a tree to illustrate the strength of iCoreConnect's support team.