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      Texas Prescribers / PMP Users

      Have you received an invoice from Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss Health)?

      The Texas State Board of Pharmacy partners with Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss Health) to provide an electronic integration to the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).  This integration is referred to as PMP Gateway.  Up until now, the State of Texas picked up the cost on behalf of Texas prescribers for PMP Gateway integration through endpoints such as iCoreConnect products.  Effective 9/1/21, the state has opted to no longer cover this cost, shifting that cost directly back to participating Texas doctors. This is why doctors across the state are beginning to receive invoices from Bamboo Health or their previous brand Appriss Health.

      This is not a bill from iCoreConnect

      Some iCoreConnect customers have reached out asking if we are involved in this decision.  We are not.  Our PMP connection is an extremely-fast connection to the Bamboo Health PMP Gateway that gives you all the info you need instantly.  We have always charged our customers a modest monthly fee to maintain this connection.  We have no plan to increase or otherwise change our connection fee, and you will not see a change to your iCoreConnect bill as a result of this action by the state.

      For assistance, contact Bamboo (formerly Appriss) directly

      It is possible you will receive notice of a new invoice from Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss Health), as they seek payment for what was previously subsidized by the state.  We cannot speak for either the State of Texas or Bamboo Health.  If you’d like to discuss a Bamboo Health invoice, please contact Bamboo Health directly at  If you’d like to provide your input to the state regarding their recent action, we recommend contacting your professional advocacy group(s) for further guidance.





      Questions?  Call support at 888.810.7706 or submit here.