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      Specific Terms - iCoreRx, iCoreHuddle & iCoreVerify


      LAST UPDATED: October 2022

      These specific terms apply to iCoreConnect iCoreRx software and its related optional modules, including but not limited to PMP, EPCS, iCoreHuddle, iCoreHuddle+ and iCoreVerify (“Services”).
      The referenced Services are supported on systems and locations meeting the following minimum requirements:
      Processor: 2.5 GHz or better
      Screen Resolution: 1680 x 1050p or larger (1920 x 1080p preferred)
      Screen sizes smaller than 1680 x 1050p might yield a diminished user experience
      RAM: 8GB or more (16 GB preferred)

      Windows Server 2012 or newer
      RAM: 8GB or more (16 GB preferred)
      Free Storage: At least 10 GB
      Windows 10 (Standard or Pro). Chrome browser (preferred) or Firefox or Edge
      Mac OSX 10.x running Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox or Safari 
      Tablet: Windows 10 or newer running on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet or higher with a minimum of 10.1” diagonal screen dimension (a smaller screen might not have enough room to display certain modules effectively.

      4 Mbps or higher  download speed PER PC drawing from it.   Example: 20 pcs X 3 Mbps = 60 Mbps needed min.
      5 Mbps minimum upload speed on the server

      PUB. NO. 1000.094