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    Laptop Opening with Car 200h

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      Laptop Opening with Car 200h

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        Specific Terms - EHR and Practice Management Software

        LAST UPDATED: December 2020

        These specific terms apply to iCoreConnect EHR and Practice Management Software, including but not limited to iCoreDental, iCoreMD, iCoreExam, iCoreMobile Dentist.


        The referenced Services are supported on systems and locations meeting the following minimum requirements:



        • Processor: 2.5 GHz or better

        • Screen Resolution: 1680 x 1050 or larger (1920 x 10800 preferred)

          • ​Screen sizes smaller than 1680 x 1050 might yield a diminished user experience

        • RAM: 4GB or more (8 GB or 16 GB Preferred)


        • 4Mbps or higher  PER PC drawing from it.   Example: 20 pcs X 3 Mbps = 60 Mbps needed min.



        • Desktop:

          • Windows 10 (Standard or Pro). Chrome browser (preferred) or Firefox

          • (Mac) OSX 10.x running Google Chrome (preferred), Firefox or Safari 

        • Tablet: Windows 10 or greater running on Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet or higher with a minimum of 10.1" diagonal screen dimension (a smaller screen might not have enough room to display certain modules effectively.


        Outbound ports 443, 993, 465/587 should be available to our Services on your network.  Additional ports may be deemed necessary during setup.




        PUB. NO. 1000.091