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New York State Dental Association

The New York State Dental Association represents 13,000 member dentists throughout New York State. 

The New York State Dental Association is the voice of the dental profession in New York State. Since its founding in 1868, dental professionals have relied on NYSDA to represent them in legislature, advance the profession and set the highest ethical standards for practice.

NYSDA is the New York State constituent of the American Dental Association. This powerful partnership is enhanced by 13 local component dental associations and societies that make up the state. Members enjoy many benefits at all three levels, and there are countless ways to get involved.

The NYSDA is a tradition of caring. NYSDA is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of dental care for every New Yorker. Oral health is critical to overall health, and NYSDA strives to deliver that message every day.


NYSDA members come from every corner of the state. This diverse group of professionals offers members the chance to make connections, develop networks and get involved in organized dentistry.

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