Special Pricing for Members of the MDA

Providing you with the opportunity to save money on services that are essential to running your practice is a tremendous benefit of your membership in the Michigan Dental Association.  MDA Services follows a specific protocol to evaluate products and services for endorsement. Learn more about that protocol here.

You can be sure that the MDA endorsement of these products signifies they are finest in the industry. These are services you can trust: 

iCoreRx Cloud-Based e-Prescribing Software

  • Prescribe all medications, including controlled substances

  • Add the +PMP module to have built-in access to MAPS right inside the iCoreRx interface, simplifying your prescription history checks

  • Beginning Oct. 21, 2021, the state of Michigan will require all prescriptions to be transmitted electronically  

iCoreExchange Cloud-Based HIPAA-Compliant Email

  • Protect yourself from HIPAA violations when exchanging PHI

  • iCoreExchange is one of the few fully HIPAA-compliant services that meets or exceeds every federal regulation

  • iCoreExchange speeds up your workflow with access to both your secure and regular email with one login.

  • Unlike most other services, iCoreExchange lets you send as many attachments of any file size without limitations.

iCoreRx Video:

iCoreExchange Video:

Additionally, we have negotiated special MDA member prices for both these services:

  • iCoreRx: 43% off the regular price

  • iCoreExchange: 35% off the regular price

Put your MDA membership to work for you by subscribing to iCoreRx and iCoreExchange, with the combined power to improve your workflow and keep you fully compliant.  We think you should see for yourself by booking a live demo to truly understand how both of these services can transform the security and productivity of your practice.

With sincere thanks,

Cindy Hoogasian


MDA Services & Marketing


HIPAA-compliant email where big attachments are no big deal.

MDA members qualify for 35% off the regular price. That's $22.50 per month, per provider.


e-Prescribe on any computer or device... faster than ink can dry.

Speed up your workflow, comply with the law and help combat abuse.  Add the EPCS function to e-Prescribe controlled substances.

MDA members receive 43% off regular pricing. That's just $45/month per provider (plus an optional $9 for EPCS integration).

iCoreRx+PMP for WHT.png

MDA members also have discounted access to the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) Add-On Module for iCoreRx (+PMP).

*Only providers with an active MDA membership qualify for this special pricing.

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