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      Dental Claims and Dental Billing for Improved Revenue Cycle Management 


      We are pleased to announce Preferred Dental Services has been acquired by iCoreConnect. As CEO of iCoreConnect, I want to personally welcome you and introduce you to our billing and claims service, iCoreClaims.

      Your dental billing and claims will be handled with the same exceptional care you are accustomed to, or may be seeking, for your practice. And now, you have access to expanded capabilities to serve you even better. The iCoreClaims team handles the insurance revenue cycle from start to finish, helping manage a consistent, reliable, and accurate revenue cycle for you. Check out iCoreClaims and iCoreConnect! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to learn more. We’re so glad you’re here!


      Robert McDermott CEO | iCoreConnect


      Stop Spending Countless Hours on Insurance Phone Calls

      Is the person who handles claims at your office overworked? If they didn't have to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies, how would your office benefit? 

      You’ve most likely been impacted by staffing shortages in one way or another. Being able to relieve the incredible workload that comes with this responsibility is hands-down one of the most productive decisions a dental office can make.

      No matter the circumstance, hand over the claims and billing process to iCoreClaims. You’ll get claims paid quickly and efficiently. And you can significantly improve insurance revenue cycle management. 

      iCoreClaims handles the insurance revenue cycle from start to finish. We help manage a consistent, reliable, and accurate revenue cycle.

      Stop losing valuable time on the phone with insurance companies, dealing with outdated insurance portal technology, addressing errors and denials, and chasing down payments. iCoreClaims is your single solution to:

      • Increase insurance collections
      • Lower insurance A/R
      • See collections improve in 90 days or less
      • Get paid faster
      • Lower your overhead
      • Manage daily A/R
      • Submit claims daily
      • Receive daily, weekly, monthly reports
      • Deal with denials immediately
      • Fill the gap in collections loss 

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      iCoreClaims makes it easy for you to know what’s happening with every patient 

      All you need to do is log into the patient’s record in your practice management system to see insurance payment information. Payments are posted daily to patient accounts so you are operating with accurate, up-to-date information. In the rare case a claim is denied or insurance needs more information, iCoreClaims promptly appeals the denied claim. If no claim is on file, iCoreClaims resubmits it. 

      We are consistently working insurance account receivables for prompt reimbursement.

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      Reduce Overhead and Fraud Fears

      You shouldn’t have to worry about any aspect of your bookkeeping, from cash flow to fraud or embezzlement. iCoreClaims is a secure, transparent method to manage your entire insurance revenue cycle process. We provide dental billing and claims management under the optimized and supervised processes of iCoreConnect…and this translates to peace of mind for everyone involved.

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      Put “Patient First” into Practice

      What could the possibilities be when your staff spends less time worrying about insurance company call backs? Denials? Corrections? Claims? Collections?

      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry and typing mistakes
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Save and select “Doctor’s Favorites” for commonly-prescribing drug sets
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Save patient’s preferred pharmacy
      icon--save-time__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs
      icon--save-time__blue Leverage autofill features to reduce manual entry
      icon--cloud-tech__blue Prevent duplicate data and maintain clean patient records
      icon--prescription-rx__blue Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
      icon--medical-symbol__blue Reduce pharmacy callbacks and meet patient needs


      Improve Efficiency

      • Reduce or eliminate back and forth phone calls to providers and patients regarding billing
      • Reduce costs and increase revenue


      Improve Relationships

      • Have real-time conversations with patients while they’re in the office
      • Enable your patients to get the most of our their insurance benefits
      • Focus conversations on care, not collections


      Improve Productivity

      • With existing staff off the phone, they can focus on patient care

      Simply put, iCoreClaims is an amazing service to help you increase revenue, streamline your workflow, free up staff resources, and improve the patient experience within your practice. 

      iCoreConnect’s technology revolutions in dentistry give us a robust platform to improve every part of the business. Our impact on the claims process is nothing short of exciting!

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      Our U.S.-Based Experts Are Here to Help You Get Up & Running Fast

      We’ll work to integrate iCoreClaims with your practice management system at your convenience and it won’t interfere with your daily workflow. The iCoreClaims team takes the burden off your plate. And, as always with any iCoreConnect product or service, you’ll have access to unlimited training and support at no extra charge.

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      State Dental and Medical Associations are Rapidly Turning to iCoreConnect

      Our cloud-based software platform has been intensively vetted and awarded more than 100 association product agreements.


      iCoreClaims Add-On Modules to Increase Revenue and Further Expand Functionality


      Patient Revenue Cycle Management

      If your office uses - or would consider - text message billing and online payments, the iCoreClaims team might also be able to assist with patient billing communication. We'd be happy to discuss in greater detail with your sales rep. 


      Practice Revenue Analytics

      Build on your insurance revenue opportunities by including instant data analysis of every patient on the schedule that week. Instead of staff running dozens of reports to find recall status and outstanding billing, let our software do it accurately, quickly and clearly for you.  

      Maximize uncaptured revenue from current patients rather than solely relying on new patients to grow your business. Streamline critical aspects of business for you to see and understand lost revenue opportunities and threats at a glance. Practice metrics provide immediate, actionable information to set goals and track daily, weekly, monthly, and annual progress.


      Electronic Prescription Software

      ePrescribing all meds faster from any device is core to better business and better patient care. ePrescribe utilizing a comprehensive set of features that provide access to national patient prescription history, automated alerts, and many other time-savers to improve the efficiency of your office. Immediate access to relevant medication and patient information significantly increases care and protection for your patients.   


      Encrypted HIPAA Email

      Quality care requires communication, but patient data needs to stay secure. Simply send your emails with full HIPAA compliance, extremely high encryption standards, and no file size limitations on necessary attachments, such as massive imaging files

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      Get a Customized Assessment of  iCoreClaims for Your Business

      See how you and your organization can work smarter, way smarter. Connect with the iCoreConnect team right now. 

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