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      What They Don't Tell You About File Size Limits in Email

      There’s nothing like that moment in sending a message when --to your dismay-- you get the alert:


      Everyday email services and those claiming to be HIPAA-compliant email services, tend to limit attachment file sizes to a number far less than what's required for medical images and high-resolution imagery in other industries.  For instance, DICOM images can easily be 100MB each... 4x the limit of popular providers.  And if you want to include more than one image, your problem multiplies.



      Our HIPAA-compliant email platform iCoreExchange imposes NO file size restrictions, so you are free to send as many large files as you want in one email message.  All with no extra charge.  

      It's really that simple.



      We have received a number of customers who first signed up for other specialty email services, only to find out about file size limitations when they tried to send their first email with a significant image or images attached.

      In some cases, these customers were under the impression the services included large file sizes, but they ultimately realized that feature required an "upgrade" of their service, resulting in a substantially larger monthly bill.

      Because iCoreExchange was designed specifically from the input of 2,000 providers, the Unlimited File Size feature has always been a staple of our product, at no additional cost.  You can see for yourself by booking a live demo.