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      Server or Cloud? What's the Difference?

      People throw around the word "cloud" but what does it really mean to doctors and dentists? How about a plain-English explanation...

      Location, Location, Location

      If you have a server in your office for your EHR or practice management, you're not in the cloud.

      And that means your entire business, along with all of your patients' electronic protected health information (ePHI), is just sitting in your office.  Most often, we find servers under someone's desk, easily susceptible to dust and pipe breaks.  

      Even those that are well installed are very expensive to replace every few years and susceptible to simple computer failure, physical theft and too often remote hacking.

      Inside computer hardware

      Fully cloud-based software operates from high-speed data centers distributed across the country.

      There are so many advantages to fully cloud-based software, not the least of which is physical location.

      Your patients' ePHI is stored in secure data centers that are often underground and protected by armed guards. The data is stored redundantly across multiple geographies, so even if a physical disaster strikes one location the others should remain completely unaffected.

      In a properly-configured, cloud-based medical or dental practice, no patient information is stored on hard drives in the practice.

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      No-Cost, No-Hassle Upgrades

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      All iCoreConnect software includes free upgrades. Our cloud technology allows us to upgrade your software while never disrupting your usage or risking your data. All you ever do is login and you're up to date.

      Even better, you don't have to wait eons for improvements. On average, we release improvements of our software about once a month, based on your input.

      Enjoy Date Night or Even... Vacation

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      Server-based systems require you to be at your office to access patient data. In more advanced usage, people go to great trouble to setup Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) for special remote access, but VPN's are limited to a very specific, never-changing location.

      With iCoreConnect's 100% cloud-based technology, you can login to your system anywhere, anytime under full HIPAA compliance. You will have full access to all features. If you're at a nice dinner and need to review an X-ray, no sweat.

      Instant Backup with Every Single Keystroke

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      To backup patient data, the providers we talked to either:
      • Pay a lot of money every month to an IT service that often can't catch the days between monthly backups (potential of 28 days of data loss)
      • Come up with creative and risky ways to do it themselves (we've seen many hard drives going home in purses at night), or
      • Don't backup at all
      This is super simple: iCoreConnect's 100% cloud-based technology backs up every keystroke the moment you make it.  There is no fee for the backups, and you never have to "recover" your data; you just login and it's there.  In fact, some of you pay more for your monthly backup service than you would pay for our entire software package.
      Say Goodbye to Expensive Server Hardware Upgrades, For Good


      You know the drill... the software maker forces you to pay for an upgrade, and then they inform you that your server hardware is not good enough to run the new software.  For the system to work well, you'll now need to replace that pricey server sitting under your receptionist desk.  Costs vary, but it's not uncommon to hear a practice spend $25K at upgrade time every couple years.

      With iCoreConnect's cloud-based technology, you will never be asked to buy new hardware for a new software release.  If you're happy with the performance of your computers, keep them.  On your end, our software only needs the computing power required to view web pages; the real heavy-lifting is done in our cloud data centers.