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      Specific Terms – iCoreVerify+


      Last Updated 10/17/22

      1)    Fees

      a)    In addition to any fees referenced in and in accordance to Company’s Terms and Conditions, you agree to pay Company all fees and other amounts described on the fee schedule below (the “Fee Schedule”).


      2)    Definitions. 

      a)    Types of Insurance/Payer Verifications

      i)    Re-verifications – If you’ve already seen the patient before and have a detailed breakdown, you can request a re-verification for which we check if the patient is active, as well as provide their remaining insurance benefit and history by another provider if available.
      ii)    Basic – This provides all the basic information you need that can be entered into a practice management software and obtained from the portal or our direct connections.
      iii)    Detailed – We capture every detail, including specific codes and other information that can only be obtained by speaking to a live person.

      3)    Fee Schedule

      Re-verifications     $3
      Basic     $5                          
      Detailed     $7

      a)    Setup Fee
      A one-time setup fee of $299 applies to all customers who do not have an existing and active iCoreVerify connection.  Customers with an existing and active iCoreVerify connection will receive a discounted setup fee of $149.
      b)    Emergency verifications
      Any verifications that are needed on the same or next business day will incur a $2.50 surcharge per verification


      a)    Server/Software; Security. 
      So we can provide you with Services, you agree to provide us 24/7 connection and access to one or more dedicated computers/servers at your practice (the number of connections will be determined at install), whether through a secure VPN or application, with access to all necessary software.  You agree to provide us with dedicated windows credentials and dedicated dental software credentials. You represent and warrant that you have a backup system and backup data set in place that will allow you to quickly recover all patient and other information, if ever needed.
      b)    Information Generally; Sharing. 
      Without limiting any of the foregoing, you agree to keep and maintain your records in accordance with all applicable Laws.  You represent and warrant that all information (contact information, billing, financial, addresses or otherwise) that you or your providers or representatives provide in connection with using the platform or receiving the Services is accurate, current and complete at the time it is provided, and you agree that you are solely responsible for all of that information, including without limitation ensuring that it remains accurate, current and complete


      a)    Term.  
      Subject to the termination rights in this Section, this Agreement is effective as of the date the parties are deemed to have signed and or electronically accepted the terms of this agreement. The term of the agreement is 90 days. The agreement is cancelable with a 30-day written notice after the 90-day initial term. The agreement will terminate 30 days after the written notice is received.  The agreement will continue as a month-to-month agreement after the 90-day initial term unless cancelled by either party.
      b)    Payment After Termination. 
      You agree to pay us for all Services provided through the date of any termination of the applicable Services or the termination of this Agreement, as applicable. 

      PUB. NO. 100.150