iCoreRx Chosen as Preferred ePrescribe Partner for Virginia Dental Association (VDA) Members

(WINDERMERE, FL, FEBRUARY 27, 2020 / (NewMediaWire) – iCoreConnect Inc. (OTC:ICCT) announces VDA Services endorsement of iCoreRx, the dedicated, cloud-based, electronic prescribing tool from iCoreConnect. iCoreRx is specifically designed to save providers time and comply with recent state mandates, including electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Beginning in July, Virginia law will require all opioid prescriptions to be delivered electronically to pharmacies. Virginia’s statutes join a growing list of federal and state actions designed to combat the epidemic of opioid abuse in the United States.

iCoreRx is a quick, accurate, HIPAA-compliant ePrescription tool for all medications, including opioids. It interfaces easily with practice management systems to increase practice productivity and efficiency. “Our focus is to empower our members with the most effective tools to run their practices,” explains Dr. Frank Iuorno, VDA President-Elect. “We have a good history with iCoreConnect and the company’s team and services. We trust them and are pleased to include iCoreRx as an additional service for our member dentists.” VDA Services also endorses iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email and referral network.

Within iCoreRx, providers may also choose to connect directly with state Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMPs). iCoreRx with the PMP function provides real-time access to the latest state data in one step. iCoreConnect President and CEO Robert McDermott explains, “iCoreRx + PMP simplifies mandatory prescription checks through a single screen interface with a provider’s practice management system. It eliminates manual data entry and displays patient information alongside the PMP data.”

In addition to Virginia dentists doing their part to fight opioid abuse, Dr. Iuorno says the VDA also chose iCoreRx for its speed, safety and ease of use when prescribing any type of medication. “The rapid-search drug directory lets providers easily select medication and dose. This eliminates the potential for handwriting errors or pharmacy misreading. And if a dentist prescribes certain drugs or drug sets frequently, iCoreRx saves them to Doctor’s Favorites. It’s that kind of intuitive functionality that our members want in their day-to-day operations.”

iCoreConnect builds and improves all of its software based on the feedback of currently-engaged healthcare providers, including approximately 2,000 dentists and physicians who helped design and develop iCoreDental (dental practice management), iCoreMD (medical EHR) and iCoreExchange (HIPAA-compliant email and referral network).

iCoreConnect recognitions include:

- Top 25 IoT Solution Providers – 2019 by CIO Applications Magazine

- Top 10 Encryption Solution Providers 2018 by Enterprise Security Magazine

- Top 10 Dental Solutions 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook

- Top 50 Products of 2017 by Dental Products Report Magazine

iCoreConnect’s unequivocal commitment to responding to the market has resulted in the following agreements and endorsements to date:

- Colorado Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- Florida Dental Association Crown Services (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental)

- Georgia Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- Louisiana Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- Maine Medical Association (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD)

- Michigan Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- New Orleans Dental Association (iCoreDental)

- New York State Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- North Carolina Dental Society (iCoreRx)

- South Carolina Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- StartUp Health (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreDental, iCoreCodeGenius, iCoreHuddle, iCoreFlex, iCoreRx)

- Texas Dental Association Perks Program (TDA Perks) (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental, iCoreHuddle, iCoreRx)

- Virginia Dental Association/VDA Services (iCoreExchange, iCoreRx)

- Wyoming Medical Society (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreCodeGenius)

About iCoreConnect

iCoreConnect, Inc. (OTC:ICCT) is a cloud-based software and technology company focused on increasing productivity and profitability in high-compliance industries. iCoreConnect is most notably known for its innovation in solving healthcare business problems. The company’s philosophy is built on a high level of customer feedback, allowing iCoreConnect to respond exactly to the market’s needs. iCoreConnect touts a suite of more than a dozen SaaS enterprise services and more than 25 contracts with state or regional healthcare associations. iCoreConnect is a member of the prestigious StartUp Health accelerator.

About VDA Services

The Virginia Dental Services Corporation was created as a subsidiary of the VDA to recommend products and services to the members of the VDA. By utilizing the VDA Services endorsed vendors, VDA members can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using recommended companies, take advantage of special benefits and receive discounted pricing all while supporting the VDA.

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