Michigan Dental Association Uses iCoreExchange to Send Secure Email to Membership

(WINDERMERE, FL September 12, 2019 / (NewMediaWire.com) iCoreConnect Inc. (OTC:ICCT) announces the Michigan Dental Association’s (MDA) for-profit arm, MDA Insurance, now utilizes iCoreExchange cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant email solution as its primary secure method of communication with its membership. Through iCoreExchange, MDA Insurance can securely send insurance opportunities and other relevant information to its member dentists. iCoreConnect is a national provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications, as well as cloud-based practice management software.

The Michigan Dental Association is Michigan’s primary source for oral healthcare and home to more than 5,500 Michigan dentists. In 2018, the MDA selected iCoreExchange as the association’s officially endorsed HIPAA-compliant email solution. “The women and men in leadership at MDA are forward-thinkers,” states iCoreConnect President and CEO Robert McDermott. “After they vetted and endorsed iCoreExchange last year, they discovered how iCoreExchange could also be used on the Association side to enhance communications with member dentists.”

The Michigan Dental Association keeps its members up to date on the latest scientific developments and recommendations from the American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. “We are in continuous pursuit of the most relevant information and the highest-quality partners to help our member dentists succeed,” comments MDA Insurance & Financial Group President Dr. Dale Nester. “iCoreExchange exceeds other email encryption offerings in both security and usability. With iCoreExchange our members don’t have to worry about stolen or hacked data, or inconveniences like file size limits on attachments, because there aren’t any.”

“MDA dentists are dedicated to upholding the highest standard of practice for the best oral care,” continues McDermott. “We are proud to partner with MDA to provide dental professionals the ultimate way to share Protected Health Information (PHI). iCoreExchange gives them the highest level of security to send and receive PHI to and from anyone, anywhere at any time.”

iCoreConnect builds and improves all of its software based on the feedback of currently engaged healthcare providers. Approximately 1,000 dentists helped design and develop not only iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant email but also iCoreDental practice management EHR software. iCoreConnect’s HIPAA-compliant software meets or exceeds all of the required federal HIPAA technical safeguard laws.

“HIPAA compliance isn’t as simple as just encrypting an email,” McDermott said. “Healthcare providers must follow far stricter laws than typical encrypted email can satisfy. That’s why we took on the compliance challenge for providers and designed iCoreExchange. It easily integrates into a practice’s current workflow while providing the strictest adherence to the law.”

iCoreConnect’s unequivocal commitment to responding to the market has resulted in the following agreements and endorsements to date:

- Colorado Dental Association (iCoreExchange)

- Florida Dental Association (FDA) Services (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental)

- Georgia Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - Louisiana Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - Maine Medical Association (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD) - Michigan Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - New Orleans Dental Association (iCoreDental) - New York State Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - South Carolina Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - StartUp Health (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreDental, iCoreCodeGenius) - Texas Dental Association (TDA) Perks Program (iCoreExchange, iCoreDental) - Virginia Dental Association (iCoreExchange) - Wyoming Medical Society (iCoreExchange, iCoreMD, iCoreCodeGenius)

About iCoreConnect iCoreConnect creates software that allows anyone to share information at the highest levels of security, backed by highly engaged customer support. The company is a national provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications and cloud-based practice management.

iCoreConnect allows doctors, patients and other healthcare providers to easily communicate, utilizing 2048-bit encryption, and collaborate securely with the assurance they are in full compliance with all current federal laws. All iCoreConnect healthcare industry applications meet the federal government’s five technical safeguards for HIPAA-compliant communication.

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