New York State Dental Association Endorses iCoreExchange HIPAA-Compliant Message Exchange

(WINDERMERE, FL, Sept. 13, 2017 / ( – iCoreConnect Inc. announces New York State Dental Association’s (NYSDA) selection of iCoreExchange as the preferred HIPAA-compliant email exchange for its members. iCoreExchange allows dental professionals to share Protected Health Information (PHI) at the highest level of security with anyone, regardless of whether they are inside or outside a network.

“We are excited to serve the 12,000 members that make up the NYSDA,” said iCoreConnect President and CEO Robert McDermott. “The Leadership and staff at NYSDA expertly guide their members through legislation, compliance and technology issues. Security and HIPAA compliance are two of the most important challenges facing their members today. iCoreExchange solves these issues, giving NYSDA members the freedom to communicate with one another or their patients in full HIPAA compliance.”

The New York State Dental Association represents member dentists throughout New York State. “Our members depend on us to find and select the highest quality products and services,” said Dr. Mark Feldman Executive Director. “We chose iCoreExchange – above all others – because of its security, absence of file size limits, and its integration with our members’ existing workflow. Additionally, iCoreExchange provides our members an instant connection to a large, referral base of established and verified providers.”

iCoreExchange was designed from the input of 2,000 dentists and doctors from around the U.S. The product is continually improved based on subscriber input and is updated to stay current with new laws and regulations. “The providers told us loud and clear what they wanted in a secure email exchange: communicate any information to anyone from anywhere, with full HIPAA compliance. So that’s what we built,” said McDermott. Providers can send electronic patient data, lab reports and X-rays securely with no limits on file size. “The software is cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet connection at any time. Providers are no longer limited by regional or state boundaries, because iCoreExchange allows them to send protected health data securely anywhere in the world.”

iCoreExchange was built on the federal government’s DIRECT security protocol and meets all five of the required HIPAA federal technical safeguards. “Simply encrypting email does not make it HIPAA compliant. Checking secure email software against the federal government’s five technical safeguards is one of the best ways to know it is indeed compliant,” said Dr. Craig Ratner, Chair, NYSDA IT Committee. “iCoreExchange was built from the ground up to meet all of these requirements.”

New York State Dental Association joins a growing list of state associations who have chosen iCoreExchange as their preferred HIPAA-compliant email vendor:

  • Colorado Dental Association

  • Florida Dental Association Crown Savings

  • Georgia Dental Association

  • Louisiana Dental Association

  • New York State Dental Association

  • South Carolina Dental Association

  • Texas Dental Association Perks Program

  • Virginia Dental Association

About New York State Dental Association

The New York State Dental Association is the voice of the dental profession in New York State. Since its founding in 1868, dental professionals have relied on the NYSDA to represent them in the legislature, advance the profession and set the highest ethical standards for practice.

NYSDA is the New York State constituent of the American Dental Association. This powerful partnership is further enhanced by 13 local component dental associations. Members enjoy many benefits at all three levels, and there are countless ways to get involved.

About iCoreConnect

iCoreConnect creates software that allows any dental provider to share information with anyone at the highest levels of security, backed by highly-responsive customer support.

iCoreConnect is a national provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant communications and cloud-based practice management. iCoreExchange allows dentists, patients and other healthcare providers to easily communicate with 2048-bit encryption and collaborate with the assurance they are in full compliance with all current federal laws. All iCoreConnect healthcare applications meet the federal government’s five technical safeguards for HIPAA-compliant communication.

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