The rarest of breeds...
Logo for iCoreConnect iCoreExchange HIPAA-Compliant Email Email anything anywhere anytime with full HIPAA compliance in healthcare and dental
Fully HIPAA-Compliant Email
Exchange with No File Size Limits
iCoreConnect iCoreExchange HIPAA-compliant and secure email cloud-based for dentists doctors and physicians to communicate with patients and referrals
2,000 providers told us exactly what they needed in email.  
  • No file size limits
  • No "optional" upgrades that increase real cost
  • No excuses
  • True HIPAA compliance
So we built it.
The dentists and physicians we talked to feel confused and often misled when products toss around the phrase "HIPAA compliant" but do not actually meet all of the federal government's requirements. Test all products against the full HIPAA compliance check-list before risking your practice.
No Misleading Words
What Dentists & Physicians Told Us...
Tablet screen displaying text "file sizes"
Tablet screen displaying text "patient passwords""
Tablet screen displaying text "HIE's"
Tablet screen displaying text "keeping current email""
Keeping Current Email
Tablet screen displaying text "patient communication""
Patient Communication
Tablet screen displaying text "referrals""
Tablet screen displaying text "BAA's""
Tablet screen displaying text "6-year storage & audits""
6-yr Storage
& Audits
Tablet screen displaying text "ransomware"
Wanna see 2,000 providers' ideas put into action?
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iCoreExchange is the HIPAA-compliant email exchange of choice of
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