iCoreRx (Admin) Guide

Manually Add a Medication to Current Medication List

The system is set to automatically query the Surescripts Benefits Drug History which aggregates and delivers accurate dispensed medication histories provided by pharmacy benefit managers, as well as pharmacies for patients being seen in acute, post-acute and long-term care settings.

This data aids efficient medication reconciliation and helps reduce adverse drug events (and associated readmissions). The results provided should be used as a guide and are not intended to replace your normal medication reconciliation process. If the patient indicates they are taking a medication not seen on the list, you can add it manually using the process described here.

1. Click “Med Entry”

2. If known, enter Prescribing Doctor name

3. If known, enter Original Start Date

4. Enter the Medication Name

5. Click “Drug Search”

6. Select the appropriate drug from the result

1. Review the selected medication for accuracy

2. Click “Select and Move to Current Meds”


1. Current Medications list

2. Drug you entered is listed

3. Prescribing Doctor is listed

4. Original Start Date is listed