MDA Insurance - iCoreSecure FAQ

MDA utilizes iCoreSecure to protect email containing sensitive information.  Click on any question below to learn more:

I should have received secure email from MDA but don’t see it in my inbox?

Please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folders. The majority of MDA secure messages will appear in your inbox, but on occasion your Spam filter may incorrectly catch a message. IMPORTANT: Please mark the message “Not Spam” to help your email account learn for the future.  If your email service doesn’t learn after marking “Not Spam,” please contact us and we’ll coordinate with your email provider.

How do I recognize an MDA secure email?

The subject line will read “[MDA Staff] sent you a secure message.” The body will include a link that reads “View Secure Message.”

How do I view or reply to the content of the secure message?

Click on the link “View Secure Message.” When viewing the secure message, you may click on the Reply button.

How strong is the encryption?

iCoreSecure utilizes 2048-bit encryption. With current technology, this encryption is estimated to take 6 quadrillion years to crack.

I have additional questions or trouble. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Just call us at 888.810.7706. You’re also welcome to email .