EHR Release Notes 2.34

New Left Menu item: Action Items

Action Items is a new selection on the Left Menu. The purpose of this page is to group actionable items for all patients together in one place. It contains new items along with items that were previously on the Dashboard.

SMS: Displays all SMS (Text) activity for all patients.

Reminders: Displays all Reminders set for the User.

Patient Portal Messages: Displays all messages sent from any Patient on the Patient Portal to the user.

Patient Portal Invites: Allows users to manage Patient Portal workflow.

Referrals: Displays all Patient referral activity.

PreAuths: Displays the results of PreAuths. This has been moved from the Dashboard to Action Items.

Intake Form: Displays forms that patients have filled out on the Patient Portal. This has been moved from the Dashboard

NOTE: The Left Menu > Dashboard will still contain PreAuths and Intake Forms for the time being.