Designed by Providers

Most software companies sell you what THEY think you need.  We think just the opposite.
2,000 of You Spoke.  We Listened.

Providers and staff - roughly 1,000 dental and 1,000 medical - shared with us what would make your lives easier and more productive.  Only then did we build our practice management software, EHR system or HIPAA-compliant email (dentalmedical).


For six months, President & CEO Robert McDermott lived out of a suitcase just so he could hear from you directly in your place of business, at study groups and in coffee shops.  Why?  He wanted your secure software to be designed the way you would actually use it.

What Robert learned from you and your peers became the foundation of the iCoreDental, iCoreMD and iCoreExchange platforms.

6 Months
on the Road

It was important for us to talk to the whole country.

Air Miles

Most enjoyed on-board snack: JetBlue's

Terra Chips!


Thank goodness that wasn't milkshakes.

Just the Beginning
All iCoreConnect software improves with monthly releases that contain updates and feature additions built directly from your ongoing suggestions.
Have an idea on how to improve our software?  We want to hear it!
Want to see your handiwork?  We'll show you in a live online demo!