Rapid, Accurate Medical Code Selection for Dentists

DON'T WASTE TIME AND MONEYtrying to learn thousands of ICD-10 codes for medical dental coding and billing - and don't leave the comfort of your office.

iCoreCodeGenius is an affordable web-based tool that helps dental practices quickly identify specific ICD-10 codes for accurate dental medical billing.

helps your dental practice with ICD-10 medical coding & documentation:
  • Immediately access all ICD-10 dental medical billing codes in one place

  • Customized for Dental “Top Conditions”

  • Clinical documentation guidance to justify medical necessity in the clinical record; signals important underlying causes and comorbidities that should be documented and coded

  • Helps avoid unspecified codes that could lead to denials

  • Become ICD-10 proficient in minutes, with minimal cost or down-time for education and training

iCoreCodeGenius is like having a digital code book and a clinical documentation expert at your fingertips.